1. How to download auction item list?

    • Go to the home page Home
    • Click on the auction you are interested in bidding on
    • Download the auction item list by clicking on the link as indicated (Save the file to your computer for direct future access)

  2. How to register?

    • Click on the register button, this button is visible from most pages on the site.
    • Fill in the details of the registration form which is shown below. Read the terms and conditions for using the site then click on "I accept"

    • On registering successfully you will see a message as shown below. At the same the system sends out an email to the address you used in the previous step for registration.

      • Your registration information has been saved. Please activate your account by clicking on the activation link in the email from us.
    • At this point you need to check your email inbox for an email from gaplonline.com (If you don't find it in the inbox, check your spam folder also). In this email will be an activation link. Either click on the link if your email client supports it or copy the URL and paste it into a browser. You will see a success message that looks like

      • John Doe your account has been successfully activated. Please login for further access to auctions
    • Now you can use the username and password you used to register to Sign In to the site

  3. How to request for participation in an auction?

    • To request for participating in an auction, you need to register with the site. If you have not registered click here to find out how to register
    • Sign In to your account. To sign in click on Sign In or a similar link that appears at the top right hand side corner of your page.
    • As a signed in user from the home page select the auction you would want to participate in and click on the "Register To Bid in Auction" link as shown in the image
    • On the next page confirm your request to participate in the auction. For certain auctions, you may have to select specific auction items that you want to participate in along with general auction participation. After you verify the information on this page, click submit to request for participation in that auction.

    • At this stage you will receive an email confirming that you have requested to participate in the auction. Please send a print out of this email along with other supporting documents, EMD etc. that are required for the approval of this request. The exact list of items you need to provide would be mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of the auction.
    • On receiving these documents your request will be approved and you will be able to participate in the auction

  4. How to bid in the auction?

    Sign In

  5. How to place a proxy bid for an auction item?

    Sign In

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